Morris-Jumel Mansion & Sylvan Terrace

This location around 160 & Edgecombe is just a few blocks east of the area pictured in my album, Washington Heights in Winter (which starts at 160 & Fort Washington). Nestled in a Dominican neighbourhood, these historic houses look back to a time when upper Manhattan was very different.
The Morris-Jumel Mansion is Manhattan's oldest house. Built as a summer house in 1765. it became General George Washington's headquarters in 1776. With views of the Hudson & Harlem rivers, the Bronx, the New Jersey Palisades, Long Island Sound & lower New York City, this house had both a beautiful and militarily strategic location.
Sylvan Terrace is a set of 20 row houses built in 1882 along the drive that wrapped around Mansion. According to the Museum, when built, these "cottages" were an alternative for workers (policemen, firemen, dressmaker, detective, etc.) wanting to get away from the City's overcrowded downtown. They are built of wood, because Manhattan's fire laws did not extend this far north (the trains didn't, either -- the last stop was 155 & 8th Ave.).

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